Christmas Song Tutorials for the Church: “Mary did you Know?”

MaryI explained a bit about what this series is about in my last post POSTED HERE, so I won’t retread new ground, however I’m sure a few of you are puzzled: “Mary did you Know?” has been floating around for just under a quarter of a century! However, it’s a classic that moves my heart, & one that has some tricky spots for inexperienced musicians/worship leaders.

This tutorial video has two parts:

  1. A short intro & song demonstration and…
  2. A short breakdown of a few specific simplification strategies.

 Watch the video for more information:

One of the specific simplification strategies I suggest in the video is to ditch the “slash chords”: only play the chord listed to the left of the “/”. The only exception to that rule being “D/F#” – it’s one of the simplest slash chords, & it’s essential to the melodic walk-down in which it’s found.

If you have a CCLI SongSelect account you can grab a chart HERE, otherwise you can purchase it from PraiseCharts.

Stay tuned for more worship song tutorials through-out the month of December!

In the meanwhile, what’s YOU’RE favorite Christmas song to sing or lead during these Winter months, & why? Looking forward to hearing from you!

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