I can’t do it without you

Frank Sinatra used to sing what for many is considered the them song for the American dream: “I did it MY WAY.” A mantra to independence – going it alone. And a lie.

1525507_646645908712409_1607326068_nNone of us go it alone with any lasting success – we weren’t made to. The creation story paints a picture of a pair – Adam & Eve – after God confessed, “It is not good for man to be alone.” Ecclesiastes 4:12 states “A cord of three strands is not easily broken” – even God is Father, Son, & Holy Spirit. Being made in His image, we were MADE to be in community. That’s why we have the church… we’re MADE to be with others.

A couple months ago I released a new single, “When this Day Ends“. It feels odd even claiming it, honestly – the song could’ve existed just fine without me, truth be told.

On a regularly scheduled trip to Nashville I dropped in on my brother-in-law, McKendree, listening to a demo he’d been writing with his friend, Mark. “Tell me if you have any ideas – I don’t feel like it’s finished,” and with that “When this Day Ends” grabbed my ear, and a whole verse+ dropped into my heart like a dove descending from heaven – I felt had nothing to do with it. McKendree looked at me with excitement, “Whoa – grab that mic“, & we recorded it. A couple weeks later I got a dropbox folder with a near completed song in it – not kidding! McKendree & Mark had tracked loops, keys, bass, rhythm electric, acoustic, & vocals, & just dropped it into my lap! My friend Jamie whipped up some excellent melodic lead guitar parts, & even more talented folks took it from there. Here’s the list of people who made & are making it what it is:

Explore the links above. They’re fantastic, creative, & talented people doing great things for the Kingdom. I couldn’t do it without them.


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