Look and See

ShannonLive2013A unique special event took place just a few weeks ago – a partnership between local churches spearheaded by Fred McKinnon which resulted in a beautiful night of God-glorifying corporate singing.  Given that Saint Lewis is a multi-church band 3 of our 5 core members were on stage, as well as 2 of our regular guest musicians, and it was at my former church, St. Simons Community Church, so I felt right at home!

One of the songs I introduced to the larger body that night was “Look and See” – one of Encounter’s (my contemporary service at 1st UMC) core songs.  Penned by Michael Bleecker and Ross King and originally released by Bleecker and Village Church, “Look and See” is a beautiful modern hymn – melodically memorable, and theologically-packed – a near perfect song for any church who takes what they sing seriously.

Here’s what we did with it that night…


Here are links to VILLAGE CHURCH’s version, and ROSS KING’s version

…and if you would like to sing it yourself, this page has charts!

Give it a spin at your church and tell me how it goes!

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