NEXT: Fresh New Worship – May 2016

Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 11.32.58 AMAre you looking for new corporate worship songs to use in your ministry/church?  I’ve attempted to do some of that work for you, collecting new songs year round to see which ones “stick”. I hope this curated list helps you better serve your congregation!


You won’t Stop” – Various Artists (Saint Lewis, with Ascension Worship folks – co-written with Benji Cowart, McKendree Augustas, & Jamie Miley)
(Chart available HERE: key of A, or key of G)

God was stirring some things in me, which I blogged about HERE. The heart of this song is a big, simple, corporate song rejoicing in being pursued by the King of the Universe. Though we chose to record it as an uptempo song with a nod to the 80’s, I’ve also led it as a down-tempo ballad, & it works great either way. Worship Pastors/Directors/Leaders are encouraged to download the song & other resources for free from Ascension Worship’s CITY WORSHIP PROJECT site.

Lift my Eyes” – All About Worship feat. Alisa Turner (Chart available HERE)
I first heard this song a couple of weeks ago at the AllAboutWorship Conference. Honestly, I was in the hall catching up with a friend when this song started, & I had to excuse myself from the convo to run into the sanctuary to experience it for myself. Not only is the song beautiful, & singable, the recording: production is crisp & detailed, & Alisa’s voice is a new favorite for me.  Honestly, the whole CD is fantastic, but THIS SONG… yes!

Psalm 23” – The Corner Room (Chart available for purchase HERE)
I’ve been sitting with this song for 3 or 4 months now, & though it is not at all like the songs I usually feature here, I just can’t shake it: it is absolutely gorgeous, & quite unique. With a fitting singer-songwriter feel, & the melody & prosody perfectly fit the Psalm’s setting. Though I haven’t tried this corporately, I can imagine that some churches may really connect with it. Otherwise, it would make a lovely special!

No Other Fountain” – Doxa Theo (Chart available HERE)
With a name meaning “Glory to God”, this Gospel-centered liturgical alt-rock band, made up of worship pastors from all over the country, deliver up a special offering in “No Other Fountains.” Feeling somewhat like an indie-rock Matt Papa, on his more punk-leaning days, Doxa Theo is refreshing in that they don’t force rhymes, but attempt to stay out of the way of the Word & let it speak. I would suggest “No other Fountain” to worship pastors who are simply tired of the same ole same ole, & looking for something a touch different, yet not particularly “weird”. I’m really looking forward to digging into their forthcoming CD!

Oh Praise (the Only One)” – Michael Farren (Chart available HERE)
One of my favorite modern hymns, Farren has delivered up a huge, anthemic 6/8 praise song, with an gripping melody which is almost immediately singable. I was behind the curve on this one, as it came out over a year ago, but honestly, I’m not sure why every church on Earth isn’t singing this already, as it’s not only an excellent song, but easily adaptable to nearly any worship style. Well worth checking out!

For a collection of past “NEXT” offerings you can listen HERE, I’ve written on my favorites of 2015 HERE, & be sure to subscribe to this blog & the Spotify playlist to catch regular updates!

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  1. Shannon,

    Thanks so much for sharing Psalm 23 with your readers/listeners. We are excited to continue to hear how the Lord is using these songs to create a desire to know and treasure his Word.

    For those who haven’t heard about Psalm Songs, it is an album of ten psalms word for word from the ESV Bible set to original music. You can watch promotional videos , listen and learn more about it at Thanks again, Shannon!