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I’ll be honest – I’ve struggled to review this CD. It is simultaneously utterly unique in my worship music collection, & at the same time absolutely familiar, & comfortable.

Parker’s Mercy Brigade features texts not totally unfamiliar to the Christian worship world, however they display a theological depth rare to the specific genre this would sit most comfortably with – imagine if Amy Grant brought Matt Papa or Bob Kauflin on board to pen her lyrics, & you’re about as close to a working analogy I can put out there without you simply listening to the whole CD yourself. The words are great, if at times a bit dense in their theological bent on such emotionally heavy material, such as on “Bless the Lord Who Gives and Takes”, but even the songs I wouldn’t personally choose to lead in a corporate service have a unique beauty about them.

Stylistically, Parker’s Mercy Brigade feels like a cross between – yes, Amy Grant’s more artistic work – Sojourn Music’s obvious influence can be felt more than heard, and – much to my surprise, I keep coming home to later day work of the Wilson sister; Heart! I’m a Heart fan, so that’s a compliment, albeit and unusual one – it’s rare that a modern worship release bears so many signs and signatures of classic rock, making it – again – totally unique in my worship collection, yet at the same time entirely familiar!

What I most appreciate about this project is that it is one of the strongest & most beautiful statements of God’s sovereignty I’ve heard since Sovereign Grace Music‘s COME WEARY SAINTS (still a personal favorite to this day), & explores many of the themes I’ve been exploring in my own writing these past few years. That’s to say, it’s a CD well worth exploring. Though I’ve found it to be less a source of new corporate songs from my congregation (yours – of course – may differ), it is a solid listen for personal rest, rejuvenation, & encouragement. These statements of God’s goodness in even the darkest times are a balm to the broken soul.

My personal favorites: “No more Fear”, “God of All Comfort”, & “Praise the Sending God”.

Well worth giving a listen to, & I’m looking forward to hearing more from these saints in the future!

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