SEASONING: Rory Noland’s “Seven Characteristics of a Seasoned Worship Leader”

Screen Shot 2016-03-26 at 5.03.47 PMAdding a little seasoning to jump off of content of my eBook Unseasoned,  I asked none other than seasoned Worship Leader/Author Rory Noland if I could share a few quotes from his latest piece from Worship Leader Magazine.

When asked how a worship pastor/leader can move to the next level, Rory’s response was, “The best worship leaders are self-aware; they’re emotionally and spiritually mature. At peace with who they are, they’re comfortable in their own skin, but they’ve also faced the sobering truth about their fatal flaws. Instead of living in denial, they’re attentive to their besetting sins, ‘blind spots,’ and dysfunctional tendencies.

Reflecting on Unseasoned, I immediately thought about this passage; “…if you put an emotionally unstable person on the stage, within six months the team is a forest fire of interpersonal conflict, which you’re left to put out.” When I was a new worship leader I had recently read Larry Crabb‘s challenging book, Inside Out, which had brought me face-to-face with many of my own insecurities & failings, & pushed me towards steps to address those issues personally.

How have you addressed your dysfunction & brokenness? What resources (books or communities/ministries) have helped direct you towards deeper wholeness? You are invited to join in the conversation below!

(To read the rest of Rory’s “7 Characteristics” at Worship Leader Magazine just click HERE)

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