the New Liturgical: Sojourn share some in-house ‘classics’ on “New Again”

NewAgainContinuing along the theme of “the new liturgical” movement, it’s hard to deny the impact of Sojourn Community Church. It seems only right to look at this next…



Artist: Sojourn Music
CD: New Again
Label: Independent
Release Date: 2/17/2015

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NEW AGAIN is the 10th release from Louisville-based worship team, Sojourn Music, & in many ways is their most accessible & contains some of their most corporate songs since their 2007 release, BEFORE THE THRONE. And for good reason. Some of these songs have been around since then – standard, go-to originals, sung week-by-week at Sojourn Community Church, beloved by their people, & just hadn’t found a home yet on any of their previous releases. That’s to say, these songs have been tested, week in & week out, & found to serve their community well. And that says a LOT.

Sunday mornings at Sojourn follow a liturgy, but that’s not to say that they’re in any way traditional! Weekly at their Sunday services you will hear a Call to Worship, Confession, Pardon, Responsive Readings, & will be offered Communion – these songs were birthed within that structure, to lead God’s people to see Him, & His work, & RESPOND. Sojourn songs are doctrinal, & deep – theologically precise – & sometimes creative to a fault (well, some would be hard to reproduce for most churches), however NEW AGAIN doesn’t struggle to remain – for the most part – broadly corporate.

Like most of their previous efforts, NEW AGAIN wears many Alt-Country influences on it’s sleeve: I hear touches of Wilco, Son Volt, & even the late Johnny Cash – it’s what I’d call “New Kentucky”… it’s clearly Southern, but it ain’t country.

Highlights would include my personal favorite, the title track, “New Again“. With a Byrds-like feel, we are welcomed to celebrate Jesus’ death & resurrection, making all things new. I’m already considering introducing this to my congregation later this month – it not only overflows with truth, but is hooky, & easy to sing. Another highlight – a one-two punch if you will – is the track immediately following; “All You Saints” – an excellent Call to Worship! One of the other things I’ve often found refreshing about Sojourn is that they don’t overlook what some might see as God’s “rougher” traits, which is what draws me to the soulful & bluesy “Let Justice Roll“. Lyrically the song is special because it simultaneously feels like cry for God’s justice, but recognizes that within that same justice resides God’s great grace & mercy as well. A powerful song!

A worthy addition to their collection. And if you don’t purchase the whole CD, at least follow the links & download the highlights mentioned above. They’ll serve your church well.

NOTE: if you’re interested in charts or lyrics for any of these songs, they can be downloaded from Sojourn Music’s Digital Hymnal

(A taste of Sojourn Music from 2012)

Death Has Lost Its Sting from Sojourn Community Church on Vimeo.

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