Worship Wednesday: the beautiful mistake

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My daddy taught me a valuable tool regarding making mistakes in worship. He would say “If you start a song and something is wrong – tempo is off or someone’s in the wrong key – stop the song laugh about it quickly try to resolve the problem and start over.  Don’t ever try to play through your mistakes.” People appreciate the reality of making mistakes they will forget about the 15 seconds of a train wreck far more quickly than an entire four minute atonal dissonant cacophony.  My husband and I embrace this advice and use it whenever needed.

This past weekend we were guest worship leaders at Grace Fellowship Church Their worship pastor Aaron Keyes was out of town and we were leading for the day.  Wow – such a blessing! We had the privilege of leading three worship sets! 9:00 AM 10:50 AM and 5:15 PM!

Sunday was pretty engaging – overall the musicians were together there was a real attitude and heart of worship and a clear anointing on the service… except for one major mistake that occurred in the third service. Shannon and I were starting the closing song – now mind you this was the THIRD time. He was playing a finger picked riff on guitar while I played an ascending octave riff and something was awful wrong. I checked and double checked myself I KNEW I was right on. We stopped laughed about it and started over – this time everything was perfect. What happened? The conclusion was made after several musician’s feedback and the live audio feed that Shannon was a half-step off on the riff.

So here  is the nitty gritty: ff you read my last blog called “The Idol of Approval” you can see that God is really teaching me something about mistakes in worship. He is showing me that he is not looking for flawless performances but rather authentic worship that ministers to His heart. Yes I try to spend time  working on the performance aspect of playing singing and songwriting so I may become more skilled. It is important for worship teams to be together unified on key and the music not be distracting.  However I also spend time as often as possible working on the state of my heart regarding worship performance etc. I am constantly realigning my thoughts and weeding through “stinkin’ thinkin’” in order to achieve a pure heart of worship.

I can’t really describe the beauty of this mistake – you just have to hear it for yourself!

The prior evening I was meditating on scriptures regarding the tendency of Jesus to exalt himself in our weaknesses. I went to bed with this verse ringing through my head. I even went so far as to write them down on a card and stick it in my purse.

‘”My grace is sufficient for you for my power is made perfect in weakness.’  Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weakness so that Christ’s power may rest on me.” – 2 Corinthians 12:9

I was ready for the darts of Satan regarding “performance” when walking off the stage – so I fought them like a little David throwing stones at Goliath.

I realize now that God was calling me to strengthen myself in the Lord the night before. I was ready. I had the weapon of his word to fight the lies of the enemy.  It was really a beautiful thing.

Lastly the feedback: we heard from people that that “the mistake” really added character to the service. They enjoyed our ability to laugh about it and start over. We even heard this report from a complete stranger at Chick Fil-a the following day.  I dare to say that mistake was part of God’s plan for that service.  Who knows? Someone may have been sitting in the audience that needed to see that humorous interchange?

God is sovereign… even when we make mistakes.

Let me leave you with this thought.

Mistakes are not always Satan’s ploy to distract or cause confusion. Sometimes they are orchestrated by Jesus!

You  can hop on over to my husbands blog to read his worship confessional  and hear a clip of the service!

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