Fresh New Songs for Worship, Sept 2015

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Written on the tail-end of September, the end of my month had a few surprises, so this is sliding into “home” a minute late.


Awake our Souls” – Tim Timmons
Tim is one of my absolute favorite worship songwriters right now because his songs overflow with excitement & hope. “Starts with Me” was a favorite Walk-In song at my Encounter Service, & “Cast my Cares” showed up a few times as a special. “Awake our Souls” is a fiery, high energy plea for revival penned to be sung – and SHOUTED – by the people of God. I can’t WAIT to introduce it in a service SOON! Also, don’t miss his incredible interview in the latest edition of Worship Leader Magazine.

Almighty” – Gary Durbin  (Chart available HERE)
I’ve known Gary for a while – in fact he was the originator of “Your Will” – a song I co-wrote with he, McKendree Augustas, & Bobby Gilles, and released in 2012. Gary is a prolific worship writer, & has released a few CDs in the past, but NOTHING quite like this. I remember hearing an early demo of the song & knowing it was special, but as presented here with the pristine production of Mark Roach it truly shines. A solid song, with an immediately gripping melody, it’s well-worth considering for corporate use.

Can’t Stop Your Love” – One Sonic Society (Chart available HERE)
Penned by one of the most “successful” worship songwriters living, Jason Ingram, along with Worship Central friends, Ben Cantalon & Nick Herbert, the vibe is fresh & unique, & the chorus is not only easily sung, but an ear-worm – impossible to shake. Also, the song works in most any arrangement from an acoustic house-church meeting to a large choir.

Until my voice is Gone” – Travis Ryan (Chart available HERE)
Whoa. Not sure what else there is to say about this. Might not be for every congregation, but “whoa!” This one is the cry of my heart.

Our God will not be Moved” – Patrick Bass
So, though I heard this led at Catalyst, I somehow missed that it had been released until now. A song with that “How great is our God” simple “SOLID”-ness: a powerful anthem with just BEGS to be sung. There’s no complex theology – the message is not a new one. It’s just good, Biblical truth put in a new, incredibly singable setting. Honestly, it’s a pretty incredible song. I wish I’d written it. By the way, Patrick JUST released a NEW CD – check it out!

Check out the Spotify playlist, & be sure to subscribe to keep up with more “new songs” (this playlist has since been archived but you can still subscribe to the new-song playlist):

…and while you’re at it, you can also subscribe to my collection of past “New Songs” – these are the songs I’ve talked about on my blog through the years, usually long before they were “big”: PAST “New Worship” Collections

Lastly, what new songs are you considering introducing at your church soon? Or what songs currently are making you more alive to the beauty of our great God?

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