NEXT: Fresh New Worship – July 2016

Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 12.14.00 AMI not only have a deep love of Jesus, & His people, but I enjoy serving God & His people through Gospel-centered song. I dig through everything that is released – from labels & independent – & find those unique gems you might otherwise overlook. Here are my picks from July – I pray they help you more effectively serve your people.

What new songs have you recently introduced? Share in the comments below!

You never give up on Me” – Travis Ryan (Chart available HERE)
Let me just go right out & say it: Travis Ryan is one of the all-around best writers on the scene. These past few years he has been part of penning some of the most powerful worship songs released, without losing that radio crossover appeal. Who doesn’t know Newboys‘ “We Believe” or “You hold it All“? My person favorite – until the release of his new EP was “Until my Voice is Gone“. Well, “You never give up on Me” is everything that makes Travis’s songs work so well: big hook, solid lyrics, melodically fresh but singable, & the chorus – a uniquely delivered “Whoa – You never give up on me!“, with just enough repetition to assure that a congregation could grab ahold of it quickly. Such a powerful song!

Ever love You” – Leeland (Chart available HERE)
Leeland’s last CD, THE GREAT AWAKENING, was the only CD my whole Saint Lewis band all loved – on band trips we’d put it on rotation for hours at a time. Though the band line-up has changed a bit since then, their latest, INVISIBLE, may be even better. “Ever love You” is one of the strongest congregational songs on the project. Featuring a classic, almost hymn-like approach, the song feels immediately approachable. The lyrics would lend it to be a near-perfect offering or response song.

Doxology” – Doxa Theo (Chart available HERE)
I love it when someone takes something old & makes it new again, but you always risk losing some of what makes the original ‘work’. Charismatic-Liturgical worship band, Doxa Theo, breathed new life into the Doxology, & it retains all of the beauty of the familiar, but creates a new atmosphere in which the song is better able to breath. A beautiful setting of the old hymn. I will be leading this soon!

Faithful One” – City Worship Project (Chart available HERE)
I been part of writing quite a few songs over the years, but I’m pretty sure than “Faithful One” is my favorite – these lyrics are truly out of the overflow of our collective hearts, & I love singing them! Also, I really love Ascension‘s approach to the recording, & co-writer Jeremiah Jones‘ vocal delivery.

Exalted over All” – Vertical Church Band (Chart available HERE)
Vertical Church Band has consistently delivered powerful congregational songs. One of the things I appreciate about their approach is that there’s a timelessness to their songs: they work now, but they would’ve also worked great 20 years from now – most are also easily interpreted for very different settings, like acoustic or even traditional services. You don’t need an incredible, huge band for their songs to work. “Exalted over All” is by far the strongest ballad they’ve yet penned, & the strongest corporate song from their latest release. I will be introducing this one very soon to my church.

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