NEXT: Fresh New Worship – Oct ’16

screen-shot-2016-10-09-at-3-09-47-pmI’m sorry I’ve missed a couple of months. Oddly, Hurricane Matthew’s evacuation created the downtime I needed to finish this list.

If you’re new to “NEXT”, I know it’s hard to find new corporate worship songs – there is so much to sort through, especially if you want to dig deeper than the CCLI Top 50. Well, I’ve done the work for you – culling through current releases, both indie & label, curating a list of new material worth exploring. Be encouraged to let me know which of these songs you use, & how your church responds!

1000 Tongues” – Vertical Church Band (Chart available HERE)
This one is just too easy – it may be a touch sing-songy, but that means it’s very easy to catch onto, & it avoids the pitfalls of sounding like everything else out there. I’ll jump on this one just like I jumped on “Open up the Heavens”, & that became a go-to for me.

What Great Mystery” – the Corner Room (Chart available HERE or LEAD SHEET)
It’s rare that a song effectively bridges the gap between theologically rich hymn-like lyrics, a singable melody, & rich artistry. This is one of those songs. Though it sounds little like them, it struck me almost the same as the first time I heard Radiohead‘s “Kid A” – I tilted my head a bit, & thought “Hmm… this is interesting… I WANT keep listening until I ‘get it’.” I get it. Swim in it for a while, & decide whether this song might work at your church.

Break open this Box” – Bread & Wine (Chart available HERE)
Ben Smith is a deep soul, & though the song is slow to hit it’s stride, it’s well worth getting there. Like some of Hillsong’s most popular songs, the unforgettable hook sits all the way back at the bridge, but once you’ll get there, you’ll want to sing it FOREVER. If you lead worship at a spirit-filled/charismatic church, lead songs by Jason Upton, Jonathan David & Melissa Helser, or IHOP, you should really consider this one.

Trinity Song” – Sandra McCracken (Chart available HERE)
CORPORATE! This was written to be sung, & it shows. Don’t let the round scare you – people have been doing that for years, & it comes naturally. 

Unshakeable” – Drew Ley (Chart available HERE)
Upbeat, & joyful – this confident proclamation is just familiar enough that it’s easy to learn, yet original enough that you’ll want to learn it! That’s what I call a “risk free” independent song to try at your church! Having written with Drew, I love his heart, & as this song shows, he’s skilled at song-craft, & has a beautiful voice, to top it all off!

As an honorable mention, though I don’t think it’s particularly corporate (& wasn’t written to be), Citizens & Saints‘ “Relent” is a powerful song of worship I would encourage all of my worship pastor friends to give a listen. At the right church, it might work as a special. Please let me know if you try it. (Chart available HERE)

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