NEXT: Fresh New Worship – October 2015

Screen shot 2015-11-07 at 10.39.20 PMEnjoy this curated list of (mostly) newly released worship songs for corporate worship, youth worship, specials, “soaking” songs, as well as personal listening.

I know it’s already November, but one song I wanted to include hadn’t hit iTunes until the first week of November!

Here they are:

Brighter Light” – Andrew Cunningham & UMobile Worship (chord available HERE)
Andrew is fairly new to the scene. Recently signed as a writer to Ascension Music, Andrew shows great promise as both a writer & a worship leader. “Brighter Light” just screams “College Service” – as anthems go, it’s not too over-the-top melodically, but it’s memorable. Touching on contemporary themes like the Kingdom of God & sonship, it’s lyrically solid, & yet the live recording lets the guitars soar! This is one that makes you want to crank it up and sing!

Check out the video!

Echo” – Newport (Chart available HERE)
Jumping very successfully onto the current 80’s-electro-pop resurgence (which I LOVE), this song does it better than any I’ve heard but “Alive” from Hillsong Young & Free. The chorus is a bold proclamation to abandon your life for Jesus & “echo” His heart. It’s simultaneously intimate & personal, & loads of fun. I might take some time before intro-ing this to most Sunday morning church services, but I’d throw this into your youth services next last week!

We are Warriors” – Dustin Smith (Chart available HERE)
Fair Warning: if you do lead this song at your church, it may turn your congregation into crazy Jesus-freaks, on a mission to actually “GO” & spread the Kingdom of God in their wake. In all seriousness, this is a challenging song on SO MANY LEVELS, but I’ve been spinning it for the past few months, & it’s message has sunk deep into my soul – WHOA! God is the victor! We have NOTHING to fear! Woooohoooo! By the way, if you do lead this song, please let me know what happens and how it goes. (Also, be sure to check out Dustin’s new FREE resources, the “Healing is Right” app

Always More” – Benji & Jenna Cowart (Chart available HERE)
Most famous for their hilarious response to MAGIC’s “Rude”, behind the scenes they’ve also penned some of the most familiar worship songs currently sung in churches & played on Christian radio. Masterful songwriters, with beautiful voices (& an incredible vocal-blend), you can truly feel their love for Jesus. Though maybe not ideal for “corporate” singing at all churches, this would make a moving-to-tears special. Put this on repeat & tell me it didn’t spark water in your eyes.

Check out the video:

My Only Answer” – Austin Adamec (Chart available HERE)
Though I usually try to emphasize corporate songs, this is yet another ideal “special” or “soaking” song. Released last year, I somehow missed it until a few weeks ago when one of my friends began to rave about it. Melodically unshakeable, the song emphasizes that ultimately our answers are not just “ideas”, but a person: Jesus. This song is powerful & worth sharing. (Also check out Austin’s latest, “All in All” – another great song)

Give them a listen, & share your thoughts. Are you likely to use any of these? What song have you most recently introduced to your congregation?

I’ll be blogging another Christmas-themed list in two weeks to help as we prepare for the Holiday season!

And if you’re still reading…

Monthly, I cull a list of “new” worship songs on various platforms. The goal is to keep my finger on the pulse of “what’s now”, but even more-so, my ear to the ground for “what’s next”. HERE (Past “NEXT” Curated Playlist) I’ve pulled songs from those lists of the distant past & those of recent months to create a “master list” of songs, many of which have since entered – and remained – in the CCLI Top 100. It’s a great listen! But if you’re looking for the latest, up-and-coming songs, subscribe to “NEXT: Powerful New Worship Songs” . (If you were subscribed to the earlier list, due to a computer glitch that list can no longer be updated, so be sure to “re-subscribe” to this list)


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