NEXT: New Worship Spring/Summer ’17

Screen Shot 2017-06-06 at 11.32.16 AMI constantly scour the internet for the latest worship songs – both from independent & label projects – looking for the best of what’s “NEXT”, particularly for those who don’t subscribe to the “one-size-fits-all” mindset of simply pulling from the CCLI Top 25 (though I don’t deny that can be a great place to start). I listen, play along, & analyze to see which ones float to the top. I hope this curated list of new worship songs helps you better serve your congregation in the coming year

Glorious Day” –  Passion (Chart available HERE)
Be honest – is anyone actually still unfamiliar with this song? Introduced by Kristian Stanfill at the latest Passion conference, it was an ‘Easter hit’, & has since taken to radio. I only mention it here because the song is so refreshing.  A contemporary rock take on Celtic worship – it will likely inspire your church to stomp their feet & clap their hands as they sing along. But who am I kidding – you’re probably already singing this.

You hold it All” – Daniel Doss (Chart available HERE)
This Word worship artist is a little less known than some, but I’ve been following him since I led “Great God” for our Youth Group back in ’08. A solid writer with a powerful voice, this latest song is simultaneously soulful, modern, hymn-like, & an exceptional pick for both personal listening & corporate leading.

Drenched in Love” – Daniel Bashta (Chart available HERE)
I  won’t lie – some might not ‘get’ Bastha on their first listen, but I have always loved this guy! This song – & Daniel himself – in one word: PASSION. “Drenched in Love” is an energetic adaptation/update of the old classic “Nothing but the Blood”, but don’t hear me wrong: this song is likely not for every one, & even less likely, every congregation, but it would have me dancing in the isles if my church sang it!

I have a Hope” – Erik Michael (Chart available HERE)
A newcomer to the Sprig Music roster, Erik here has a penned a simple, straight forward modern worship anthem that ?eschews? radio for a refreshing indie-rock vibe. The song’s simplicity lends it to solo acoustic worship environments or youth bands (it’s easy to learn), so I’d imagine early adopters being college churches, house churches, & even some from the modern liturgical movement.

Overcome” – Elevation Worship (Chart available HERE)
The corporate highlight from Elevation‘s latest, “Overcome” is a driving mid-tempo rocker, akin to Jesus Culture‘s “Fierce”, with a strong resurrection theme. I’ve led a few Elevation songs over the years (Unstoppable God“, “Only King Forever“, “O Come to the Altar), but this may be their strongest one to date. Bold, & anthemic, I can imagine it being used in nearly any modern worship setting.

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