NEXT: Fresh New Worship – June 2016

Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 10.04.43 AMI know it can be hard to find solid, new corporate worship songs for your congregation, especially if you don’t subscribe to the “one-size-fits-all” mentality of only pulling from the CCLI Top 100. I collect new songs year round, listen, play along, & analyze to see which ones float to the top – that’s to say, I’ve done some of the work for you. I hope this curated list of new worship songs helps you better serve your congregation.

God is on the Move” – 7eventh Time Down (Chart available HERE)
Honestly, it’s very likely you’ve heard this – it’s ubiquitous on Christian radio – but apart from being a well-crafted radio hit it’s a fitting horizontal song for a Sunday service, ideal for a “Walk-In” song or a Sunday Special.

Lion of Judah” – 10,000 Fathers (feat. David Walker & Heath Williams(Chart available HERE)
I’ve been a fan of David’s worship songwriting since we met at a U2 concert in Atlanta back in 2010. I’ve led “Better than I Know” dozens of times, as well as “Only You” & “Beautiful Rescuer”, but “Lion of Judah” is head & shoulder above the rest. Co-written & co-led with 10,000 Fathers’ student Heath Williams, “Lion of Judah” is not to be confused with the Bethel/Leeland songs “The Lion & the Lamb”, as the themes are quite different & both have their place in a corporate setting. Where Leeland’s song is more a worship invitational, David’s is a vertical proclamation of our strong God’s character & promises. I am planning on introducing “Lion of Judah” soon & foresee using it often. I suspect you’ll likely see it on my year-end “Best of 2016” blog.

All I Need” – Grace Church Worship (Chart available HERE)
What a delightfully unexpected surprise! I love the heart behind independent local church releases, especially when they’re primarily originals, but I usually have balanced expectations – I know not to expect too much. It’s very rare that they impress. Grace Church in Overland Park, Kansas, not only released a surprisingly solid collection – as in “Wow” – but the song “All I Need” is truly an excellent, passionate, vertical song worth broad use throughout the Body of Christ! I keep expecting the effect to wear off, but every time I return to the song I am equally blown away. Be sure to give this song a fair listen, & download the chart using the link above!

Glory to Glory” – Bethel Worship (feat. William Matthews(Chart available HERE)
I like much of what Bethel has released over the yeras, but I haven’t led but a rare few songs after Brian & Jenn Johnson’s nearly perfect We Believe (which I led five songs from). “Glory to Glory” is probably Bethel’s gem – a song I could go back to again & again. It’s got an entirely unique feel – it really grooves like an R&B Gospel song – but instrumentally plants itself squarely in the alternative rock camp. Musically, it’s a very fresh combination, making it very fun to play/lead. Lyrically, it’s a subject not often sung: sanctification. The last song this powerful on the topic was Hillsong United’s “From the Inside Out”, & that’s more than just a few years old! In spite of the excellent production value of the original recording, the song translates easily into a Sunday AM corporate environment – it’s relatively easy for a normal church worship team to recreate, & it’s melodically simple enough for a congregation to grab onto it quickly. Again, I wouldn’t be surprised at all if this one ended up on my year-end “best of” blog.

It is Finished” – Austin & Lindsey Adamec (Chart available HERE)
A few months back I featured Austin & Lindsey’s “Walk on Waves,” a song I’m still returning to regularly. This is the Ying to that song’s Yang – a much mellower Easter-themed proclamation (But we’re the church – Easter is year round!) that your congregation will be singing loudly by the 2nd chorus the very first time through. The lyrics are simple, but packed with truth, & the melody is immediately memorable. Wins all around.

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  1. Honestly, I am LOVING the new Bethel. It begins and ends so well! And then Lion and the Lamb sits in the middle to hold it all together. Glory to Glory really is an incredible standout track. Can’t wait to play this one.

  2. Bro – I’ve been listening to a review copy of the upcoming Leeland CD & “Lion & the Lamb” on there is absolutely EPIC!