Christmas Song Tutorials for the Church: “Christmas Offering” by Paul Baloche

“I’ll bring an offering of worship to my King
No one on Earth deserves the praises that I sing
Jesus may you receive the honor that you’re due
Oh Lord, I bring an offering to You”

Are you looking for new songs to lead this Christmas? I know I always feel some trepidation approaching the holidays – expectations are high, & everyone seems to have an opinion. It often makes me cringe at the impending “celebration”, and that’s NOT right… but it’s true.

  • For one, we hear the SAME SONGS…over…and over…AND OVER
  • Secondly, the classics can be SO HARD to reproduce with a guitar-driven worship band, especially if you’re working with inexperienced musicians
  • Lastly, there’s such a flood of new songs hitting the market each year that it’s easier to just give up & return to those “same ole, same ole”, instead of seeking out a NEW “classic”.

These next few weeks I’ll be setting aside my normal serial blogs & reviews (for the most part) to share a series of tutorials. I’ll do the work of finding the songs, & teaching them, & you can grab the linked resources for the songs that will work best for your congregation, & enjoy worshiping Him this season with church family!

Christmas Worship” by Paul Baloche is that special sort of song. Both modern, & timeless – it appeals to all ages – it’s a great song no matter what style or format it’s used – it’s Christ exalting – it demands a response – and it’s EASY FOR A CONGREGATION TO SING!  Watch the video below for details…

If you think this song would serve your congregation well, charts are available here for CCLI SongSelect members, and are also available from PraiseCharts.

Also, for more on using capos (as mentioned in the video), read “the Beauty of a Capo Well-Used

See you again soon!

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  1. The songs are always of coruse chosen for their appropriateness to the focus of the church service. That is, the pastors and other worship leaders for the particular day confer with the songleader to select the resources for that particular occasion. Then after each particular song is chosen, the best way to lead it is determined and arranged. For each individual song, I choose to lead it a cappella or accompanied depending on an assessment of the resources present, and experience in knowing which songs the congregation will sing with better commitment and involvement either way. It can be different from one occasion to the next.